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     The 2005 weekend took place over the weekend of 8th-10th April, at the usual haunt. This weekend was probably the worst weather we had had in Wales for many years. Nevertheless, everyone enjoyed themselves. Photographs of walks done are very hard to come by - for my own part, I took about four photos on the Friday and didn't even bother to put my camera in the rucksack on the Saturday! Friday was arguably the best day, but unfortunately was only a half day's walk for most. The sun appeared occasionally, but so did rain. The Saturday was overcast and cold, with the tops in cloud. Parties made attempts on Snowdon by various routes, but rain turned to snow as height was gained and the paths became treacherous. Some aborted - the lack of any views and the prospect of unpleasant icy descents made the attraction of a warm fire in the pub the best priority. Some made it to the top and back, but the experience was not worth the effort. Some intrepid souls ventured on to Tryfan, but found the going tough once the snow and ice was reached - they would have turned back, except it was easier to carry on than to retrace steps. Once again, an excellent dinner was had in the PYG. Sunday was also a washout - most headed home after breakfast, and even those who attempted a walk gave up and called it a day.

Phil's photos

Friday 8th April

The group from Suffolk rendezvoused at their favourite brunch stop - the Tescos at Telford - for all day breakfasts. From there it was a trip into darkest Wales, meeting up in Llanhaeadr-ym-Mochnant. Once in the village, an attempt at asking directions to the pub - giving the name in Welsh several times - resulted in blank stares. Fortunately, the local recognised the English name. They were joined at the pub by Donald Edwards and Steve Porter, who obviously didn't meet the same local resident. After suitable lubrication, they drove to the start of the walk at the waterfall - Pistyll Rhaeadr. The walk was to do a couple of the Berwyns. The route taken was up the side of the waterfall on to the ridge, then along this ridge to Moel Sych. They continued on to Cadair Berwyn, at 827 metres the highest of the Berwyns - but it was in cloud, and very cold. As there was no way of making it a circular walk, the party returned to Moel Sych. The planned route was to drop down to the tarn Llyn Luncaws, where there was an excellent path down the valley back to the waterfall. However, some of the party forged ahead and missed the turn down to the tarn. They ended up going to the waterfall back along the ridge. The rest of the party did the planned route
approaching Pistyll Rhaeadr the waterfall along the ridge, Moel Sych ahead
getting closer looking back looking back from the slope approaching Cadair Berwyn
top of Moel Sych - Unders, David Gunson, Edward Pryke, Tim Dudman, Neil, Danial Pryke, Donald, Pete heading back

Saturday 9th April

The party Phil was in planned to do Tryfan, and then on to the Glyders. Then down the Devils Kitchen. Unfortunately, as already mentioned, the weather forced an abandonment after Tryfan
Y Garn Y Garn left, and Foel Goch right Y Garn and Foel Goch
the gallant junior Prykes, in front of a hairy looking Tryfan

Bert's photos

Saturday 9th April

Alan and his boys - Daniel and Edward David Gunson Jim and Tim