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Scott's expedition
     After the excellent weather of 2004, everyone was anticipating a return to a typical weekend of November lakes weather. Weren't we surprised!! Friday was a cracking day of clear blue skies and frozen ground. Saturday was just as good. On Sunday, clouds arrived - but most people had had their fill of excellent walking during the previous two days, so most headed home. A couple of parties ventured out, however. One of the main talking points was the Bert Award, which was won by the most unlikely person. Donald was the recipient, as the result of an epic cock-up - probably the best yet. The Allerdale looked after us very well, as usual. The Saturday dinner was excellent, also as usual.

In addition to the usual photos, we also have a tale of extraordinary courage, self sacrifice, and endeavour, to match the heroic exploits of previous generations of explorers of untamed wildernesses. I give you this remarkable pictorial account of............. "SCOTT'S EXPEDITION TO BLENCATHRA !!!" extracted from his manuscripts, log-books, and journals by expedition member Timothy Whiteley F.R.O.G.S., I.W.C.L., F.C.U.K.

Phil's photos

Saturday 19th November

Phil has passed the photos on to me - they will be in the next update. Promise!

Bert's photos

Saturday 19th November

A very large party made Blencathra their objective.The main party ascended by Narrow Edge, and descended by way of Scales Fell. The group photo on the summit shows everyone (barring Bert) - Steve Fleming, Toj, Gerry Davie, Dave Riley, Ray Beach, Steve Porter,Tim Whiteley, Jonathan Fleming, Bert and a guy called Guy! - a very fit friend of Jonathan Flemings who popped over from Stainmore barracks for the day. If this seems not a very long walk for the day, there was a certain rugby match taking place in the afternoon.They found themselves in the Royal Oak in Braithwaite, where coincidentally there was a TV showing said game. They were joined later in the afternoon by the party who had gone up Skiddaw.
SW from Blencathra frost in the valley Narrow Edge
Crinkle Crags to Causey Pike Gerry and Toj at the summit
Toj says well done dad! Skiddaw and the west summit group
Sharp Edge in the background nearly over

Sunday 20th November

Sunday. Bright sunny morning with frost and patchy mist in the valleys. Too nice to head south without doing something. Steve Fleming, Toj and Bert chose to do High Street from Haweswater via the Riggingdale ridge. Steve's ankle started playing up so he aborted half way. Bert and Jonathan enjoyed the steady walk to the summit. We looked to have had the best of the weather as low clouds covered the hills to the south and west, and a cold breeze was building up. We didn't dally at the top, but set off back via Mardale Ill Bell and made The Queens Head at Askham by 4 o'clock.
Haweswater Kidsty Pike Haweswater
on Riggindale Dudderwick Froswick and Ill Bell
sunbeams over Kentmere Haweswater Turneresque
the Riggindale ridge nearly down the Queens Head, Askham

Stefs photos

Friday 18th November

Stef was in the party from Suffolk, plus Donald and Steve Porter, that did the Pike O'Blisco, Crinkle Crags etc route that Phil was in. See his photo section for a description of the route.
Bowfell and the Band, with Neil spoiling the view Great Langdale, Donald take note!

Saturday 19th November

Stef, Robin, and le P decided not to join the two main IWCL expeditions (Blencathra and Skiddaw), preferring a threesome. Their route is as told by le P - as Stef still hasn't been entrusted with map and compass. They began at Seathwaite and went up to Sty Head tarn. From there up onto Great Gable. They then dropped down to Sty Head and proceeded to Esk Hause. They then went over Allen Crags and Glaramara, dropping down to Seathwaite.
the war memorial on Great Gable, rememberance Sunday was only a week earlier Hatstacks and the Buttermere valley Blencathra in the distance. You can just make out Bert
Lingmell beck towards Scafell Pike Robin and Steve coming off Glaramara
Kings How and Borrowdale nearly pub time!

Bert's dinner photos

Saturday 19th November, Dinner at the Allerdale Court Hotel

William aka Walt Matt Steve and Carlos
Joan the lucky winner is... good to see the ties on show
a prickle of Burrs Kay, the hostess where's the tie?
David, Ivan, John and Steve Neil and Phil The Boss
farewell what did yo say about a tie? Stef holding audience
well done Donald, it could happen to any one in full flow Ben and Bert
Jim and Robin Prykie and Le P